Friday, March 2, 2012

First Round o' Cards

Now that I've been asked for a business card three times, I felt like it was really time to make myself one. All I need to do now is print it. It's black and white because....well... I'm cheap. I think I'll only print 25 or 50 for right now, because I'm working on getting a website up in the next few months and I'd like to add that to the info listed. I'd also like to create one with a little more color and personality, but this'll work for the time being. I'll take any pointers for my next set!


Alissa Empey said...

I think this is cute. I like the idea of the "Paper Sandwich"--it's a really clever way to name your many skills.

Cassie said...

Thanks! The original idea for The Paper Sandwich was to be a clever way to describe my bookbinding, but it works as a business name for me too.

Mike Grace said...

Cool! Can I have one?!

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