Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This little fellow is a character idea I have for a short story done in graphic novel style. I'm still figuring out the details, but I thought it'd be fun to share a preview.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stupid Birds

I live in a very old building (145 yrs) and birds live in ours as well as the ones surrounding it. I hate them with a passion. They leave droppings all over my stairs and porch as well as our cars! Now they've taken to eating my basil, thyme and parsley. They've even attacked my pansies! My big, manly husband has shot a few of them with his pellet gun, which works a little, but not enough to really get rid of them. We have other plans in the works however and the herbs have been moved inside. We'll see if they'll live....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'M BACK, BABY!!!!!!!!

Its been "interesting" living without a computer. Mine died, but my darling husband gave me his Mac book Pro to use because his work had one for him to use and a giant monitor at the office. Well. He was laid off, so he had to give the work laptop back, which meant I was without a working computer. Luckily, Mike (my darling) found work less than a week later. Bad news: no loaner computer= no computer for me. I was rescued by my father in law. He upgraded to a new i-pad, so i got the first generation for my birthday. I could watch netflix, check my e-mail and use the web, but no blogging or photoshop. So, I wrestled Mike's laptop away from time to time, but since it was our income I tried not to do it too often.


My angel of a husband sold his Honda Goldwing and bought me a 27 inch Mac. It's absolutely beautiful. I have so many things to work on and scan in, I almost don't know where to start! But watch out! This girl is going to be blogging her little heart out. I have so much to show you guys!


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