Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shiny~An old Illustration Friday

I had the opportunity to paint with a young lady from church. She is interested in art and so I taught her how to make thumbnails. We took the word from Illustration Friday. the little painting is only a few inches across. I repainted the stinkin' face three or four times! I'm pretty happy with it though. 

I have little scraps of illustration board that I've been saving. Isn't that silly?! Saving them for what??!! Now that we've moved into our new place and settling in, I'm determined to actually use them! Supplies are to be used not saved for some imaginary purpose. Right?

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I am an illustrator, bookbinder, painter, doodler, list-maker, and wife. I love food. I am what can be categorized as a dabbler. I love trying new things, but I always come back around to art and illustration. I just can't help it.