Friday, April 8, 2011


Okay people. I am without a computer... mostly. I can jump on my husband when he's not working(not often since its our livelihood), but otherwise I'm kinda handicapped. Good news is I'm painting traditionally and drawing lots. Yay!~ Downside is that you won't be seeing it very often until I get a computer of my own. Sad for you! I'll do my best to sneak time on Mike's and post as often as I can, but no promises. Farewell my fellow bloggers. Farewell.

Ps. This doesn't mean I won't stop stalking your blogs though. Muahahahahahaaa!!!!

Aspire Higher

Quick Poster for RS Meeting. yee ha!

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I am an illustrator, bookbinder, painter, doodler, list-maker, and wife. I love food. I am what can be categorized as a dabbler. I love trying new things, but I always come back around to art and illustration. I just can't help it.