Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yummy Yummy Books

As some of you know, I bind books and I call my little brand "The Paper Sandwich". (That blog will come back eventually...) Anywho. My trusty little calendar is running low on months and weeks, so its time for a new one. I figured that if I'm going to put a lot of work into it, I might as well make enough for a few other people as well, if they want to buy em. So here is the mock-up. I'd like to have 6- 12 different monsters for the Months and 3-5 for the weeks. I figure the blank pages in that back can be for new monster doodles and maybe even robots!

And just in case you needed a little COLOR in your life: A Flying Slug.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monsters are so FUN!!!

There is something about hanging out with my twin sister that gets my creative juices flowing. I think that having her area of expertise be in another field(interior design) is extremely helpful. We both know the basic principles of design and art, but are different enough that a lot of the competition of our childhood is gone. This was created, after a day of my twin, Sam, helped me design several quilts and make them (aka she designed and I took notes). So... Thanks SAM!

ps. I like monsters.

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