Monday, March 26, 2012

Eggs?? You say!

Ode the the natural Egg
By Cassie Grace

Egg, Oh how I love your brown shelled tones,
'Specially without all those Hormones.

You are so tasty in my pound cake.
Just eight of you it takes to make

If only store eggs were more like you,
except for the eggs covered in poo!

As you may notice, none of the eggs here are brown. I found that often, my brown eggs were being mistaken for potatoes, so thus the iconic white egg. 

The design behind the red-head is supposed to be Mucha-esque, but most folks seem to think its a fancy plate.....sigh....

I seem to have lost this middle one in my move to Texas. I'd really like to display it with the others. It is a play on the painting called "Circe" by JW Waterhouse 

This one is patterned after some of James C. Christensen. The long neck, profile woman and the checkerboard are some of the characteristics I borrowed from his work. All of these pieces were an experiment. I painted acrylic on particle board then finished with oil. I wanted to try on other artist's motif's the way little girls try on their mother's clothes. It was fun, and now FINALLY done. 


Mike Grace said...

EGGS!!!! You rock!

Cassie said...

Mike, I think you may be my number one fan. You comment first on all my posts.. Are you stalking me????

Emily Davis said...

You guys are funny. :)
I really like these, Cassie! We haven't seen many figures from you lately- they're very pretty.
I think the Mucha design might look less like a plate if you put more detail in it and maybe make it a little bigger.
I really like the last profile. Great work.

Cassie said...

Thanks Emily! You are totally right about the Mucha design. At the time of the painting, I did not feel confident about abstract shape design, but as I've been doing zentangles, I feel more able. I'll repost it when i fix it... I hope I fix it! haha! I have another painting already in the works and another planned! I don't want to loose this streak.

Beth Layton said...

Cassie, I LOVE THESE! With all my heart. So whimsical. I want to be like you.

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