Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Professional!..... muffled laughter...

       This is for my website..... I seem to draw this pose a lot, but hey it works. Confession. My hands are not that long and luxurious, but I don't think potential employers will mind. Haha! I suppose I'm tentatively asking for critiques. I'd like to do any minor fixes by this Friday so I can hand it off to Mike (my husband and programmer) to turn into a real life website. I don't need this thing to be perfect, but I do feel like I need it to be up. Do you know what I mean? I've never had a consolidated place to show my work. And how lame is it to say, "Well, uh, I have a blog...?" I think having an online portfolio will help give me the confidence to really start going after jobs! 

Ps. I actually printed some of those business cards I made a little while ago and I've actually had people as for them!!!! It felt so good to be prepared and all "professional"!! I only printed 5o, so that when my website was up and running I could add that info to it too!


Alissa Empey said...

Cool. I am liking it! You do have a typo... on the second one down you might want to change it to "You can contact [me] by phone or email." Instead of "contact [my] by phone..."

Cassie said...

Doh! thanks Alissa! I appreciate your sharp eyes!

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