Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Projects these Days...

 I've discovered the wonder of WonderUnder. I used it on quilting cotton to create a barrier for the glue. I think the patterned fabric adds a punch of fun and color. I had forgotten how much I love to bind. Its a great hobby with my lil Vienna because I can pick it up or put it down without much fuss.

This is some bunting for Vienna's room. We are renting, so adding color through painting isn't an option. I just finished sewing them, so the next photo will be of them hanging up.
 The Buffalo King needs a few tweaks, but it's on its way. It only took six months to get this far. haha
 And this one. She keeps me pretty busy. But I made her too, so I think she counts.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sooooooo behind...

I may or may not have bitten off more than I can chew. I'm up to third journal for the year. The second journal is mostly descriptions and sketches with a few finished and the third is just notes. gah..... I have so many things to capture I'm drowning in memories to be recorded. I'll be a bit, catching up for a little while. I hope to have posts again the beginning of Sept.

thank all!~

Okay I went on vacation too! 
Mom made Crème brûlée...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Whaaat???? A Current Post???

Are you shocked and awed? I know. Me too. I've actually filled two of these sketchbooks with our daily doings. I'm still inking book 2. This is from book 3. I'm trying to keep up with the latest as I go back and ink the penciled in entries of June and July..... Oh crap. I just had the realization. I marked this day as July 3rd. It's actually today: August 3. Shoot. Ah well. I had fun drawing it. My friend Amanda was a good sport and posed for reference for me to draw this well. I have a hard time remembering what people wear when I get home. And she is so stylish! 

Also. Please notice the purple cauliflower I bought at the market. I can't wait to eat it!   

Friday, June 14, 2013

A new Tribe

I've joined a baby-wearing group of ladies, who get together. I highly recommend baby-wearing. You can read about the benefits and convenience by just googling it. I was sold after reading about the "fourth trimester" which goes over the transition of the baby from womb to world and how to make it smoother. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Vienna FINALLY went down for a nap long enough for me to snap some photos. I'm still catching up on inking for the month of June. Too many interesting things are happening! I'm having a hard time keeping up. I'm singing as I type this to keep her happy. Thus any typos. Since I'm backlogged I think I'll able to post twice a week or so.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

More Mom Life

While we make dinner, Vienna sits in a little swing. Well, her little butt gurgled and when I walked over to peek at her diaper! She had leaked into the little seat! So with a burp cloth and and extra set of hands, Vienna was whisked to the changing table. (a burp cloth is much easier to clean than drops of poop on the carpet) 

Funny. I now know why my bjorn isn't such a great carrier. I'm so glad I have my ergo and ring sling. 

Mike's work has a pool table with their logo on the felt in the office. On Friday's, they guys take the afternoon to blow off steam and play a little. I'm kinda glad Mike forgot his lunch so I could come visit. 

I am nearly caught up with May... just as I approach June. Hahaha. Isn't that just the way? I'm so amazed I've been able to keep up with it. It's mostly because of Mike. He bathes Miss Vienna each night so I can have some down time. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Knight in Armor and Farts

I really enjoyed drawing April 9th and 10th. You can tell because my line quality is actually, you know... half way interesting. I know my style is kind of all over the place and my characters don't look terrible consistant, but I think it'll be okay. Maybe as I do this the rest of the year it'll get better and better.. maybe not. Either way, I have an incredible record of my days that I actually enjoy going back through. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My First April Fools Prank

If you want to make my grandma's deviled eggs you need our family's basic ingredients for everything (tunafish sandwiches, egg salad, macaroni salad, deviled eggs...). You boil the eggs then half them and put all the yolks in a bowl. Add some Mayo, mustard, sweet relish, black olives(chopped up), onion powder and a dash of paprika. Tada! Super yuppy deviled eggs. 

I've never been one to do pranks. I found this idea on Pinterest and it seemed harmless enough. It had fun making it even if Vienna fussed a bit.

Basically, Mike is the best as you can see here.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mom Success

This was my first time breastfeeding without pain. It was incredible! it took us another week and a half to get her on me full time because of nipple confusion and breast refusal. We got it now though!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Baby Stuff

My life is kinda all baby all the time, so don't be surprised if most of my comics revolve around it, kay kids. 

This was huge! I cannot say enough good things about my Lactation Consultant, Reggie. She is spectacular. She was able to diagnose my baby's lip tie via text messaging. TEXT MESSAGING! My doctor and my midwife missed it. Heck. My doctor had never even HEARD of a lip tie. No wonder I was struggling to breast feed! This kid was tongue tied and lip tied. I had no chance! 

So I found a pediatric dentist. No one else would work on someone so young (2 months). He actually attends the same church as me. He cut her frenulum under her tongue and her upper lip. It was horrible. I could see steam coming out of her mouth and blood and I had to hold her down. She was sweating and screaming and crying and struggling. I actually held it together. I knew that the pain was temporary and the pay off would be HUGE. The procedure would prevent speech impediments, swallowing issues (solids) and gap teeth. Aaaaaand she would mechanically be able to nurse again. She is a trooper!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mom Stuff

These are a bit late.... as you can see on the dates. We've gone through a lot and I'm finally getting to a place where I can catch up a bit. I've kept up pretty well with the journal, not so much on the posting. I'm finding that if I don't make at least a note of an event, it gets lost in the cobwebs of my mommy brain. 
So, until I get caught up, I'll be posting a couple at a time. Heck it might just end up being this way all the time if it works best for our schedule. Mike (the hubs) is endlessly supportive. He is, as I type this, playing with baby Vienna so I can do this. He is the best! 

What do you think of the backgrounds? More interesting than my grey scanner, no? I thought I could try to match the backgrounds to the contents of the journal a bit. Nothing too fancy, but it could be fun. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A First

Now she likes baths. they often calm her in the evenings.

Friday, March 15, 2013


If ever you get the opportunity to hug a baby, I highly recommend it. It make me super happy and content. Crying, kicking baby? not as much. :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Moms are the best. Seriously. Having my sister and mom come was immensely helpful. FYI mom has the short hair, Twin is the curly short one.

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