Friday, January 21, 2011


A little peek at my sketchbook. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I often try to imagine who will be reading my journals and what they might think. Then I imagine what it would be like to read my own grandmother's journals. My mom's mom died when I was four or five, so I don't really know her except the few stories I get from relitives here and there. So I hope my journal provides insight to my life for future kids. Deep no?

Well.... I often write directly to my reader... and make fun of them a little bit (As you can see in my entry to the side of the comic). I hope they don't mind.

Walking Home... well Trying Anyway

So I understand why people ask if I need a ride. They are trying to be charitable and thoughtful. I can appreciate that, but seriously. I live about a half a mile from my church building and most of the people offering me rides live closer than I do. I have a very sedentary job, so this is one of my few opportunities to walk (mostly because I don't make time for it, but still....) Any way. Its a good time to think about all the great stuff I learned and plan my week, or just enjoy the beautiful weather.

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I am an illustrator, bookbinder, painter, doodler, list-maker, and wife. I love food. I am what can be categorized as a dabbler. I love trying new things, but I always come back around to art and illustration. I just can't help it.