Sunday, March 18, 2012

I love Webcomics.....sigh....

I just wanted to do a little shout out to some of my favorite Web Comic Illustrators. These folks are seriously skilled storytellers. I obsessively check for updates daily.

These are my top Six.... I have about 25 bookmarked, but that'd be rather tedious to list them all....

1. Cucumber Quest by Gigi DG
    Amazing! Adorable and a fun story. The humor is light and silly, which I love. But the color kills me!!!!! So good. She doesn't use any line either, just like Samurai Jack.

2. Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks
    It's about a young lady who was previously home-schooled going to high school for the first time with her three older brothers and her adventure. Its all black and white, but the line is RIDICULOUS!!! I love the style of her characters. They actually look like teenagers!

3. Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery by John Allison
     I'm not sure on the age of the characters, I think they're young teens and british. So they say funny things and wear uniforms. Anywho, these kids solve mysteries and are funny in the process. I love the way he draws these funky kids. The sharp angles and flat shapes are so engaging. sigh.... awesomeness.

4. Cleopatra in Spaaaaaace by Mike Maihack
     I stumbled across this one because I read through his Cow & Buffalo Series (I highly recommend as well!). Cleopatra has been cloned in the future and she fights bad aliens while attending high school. So...  ya know... totally awesome!

5. Johnny Wander by Ananth Panagariya & Yuko Ota
     It seems like mostly a comic journal for the writer and illustrator, but they through in short stories every once and a while, but they always make me smile.

6. Sarah and the Seed by Ryan Andrews
    While this webcomic is finished, I still look at to remember how much I have to strive towards (aka remember how much I suck!lol). Its a black and white, but crazy elegant. Such an unusual story that just kept glued to my chair until I finished it. So Good!

So that list should keep you busy for a while. Seriously. Check these people out. None of them know I exist, so I'm not getting some sort of kickback for this promotion...though that'd be cool! I just know I love looking at these images and I can't wait for the next page in the story.


adam taylor said...

Thanks for sharing Cassie! That last comic is really amazing!

Cassie said...

No problemo! I loOOoooove Webcomics. I'd like to do one someday.... sigh. In the meantime I feast on these!

Mike Grace said...

You are awesome! Thanks for sharing your favorites!

Shara Mills said...

One that I love is called Lackadaisy. It's basically cats + prohibition. You should check it out.

Cassie said...

Shara, I like it too, but that one doesn't update as often as I wish it did. The art on Lackadaisy is awesome thought. Another that I like is called "Today Nothing Happened." Its a journal comic that's pretty fun.

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