Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Problem and a Solution


Lisa said...

The first two weeks of nursing always hurt. Always. And sometimes the baby will do something later to make it hurt again. Treat yourself gently and carry on. If, in a week or so, it still hurts discuss with your lactation consultant.

Cassie said...

These entries are a little old. I did carry on. I tried to nurse for a month. I was in such pain, I ended up crying so hard I was hyperventilating. My midwife advised me to take a break and pump. It turns out my baby has both a tongue tie AND a lip tie. So mechanically she is unable to nurse. She can't open her mouth enough to let me in and her tongue is so tightly attached to the base of her mouth she can't massage the milk out. So I'm getting those frenulum clipped so her mouth will be free to work. This will also avoid future problems with her teeth, eating solids and speech.

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