Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mom Stuff

These are a bit late.... as you can see on the dates. We've gone through a lot and I'm finally getting to a place where I can catch up a bit. I've kept up pretty well with the journal, not so much on the posting. I'm finding that if I don't make at least a note of an event, it gets lost in the cobwebs of my mommy brain. 
So, until I get caught up, I'll be posting a couple at a time. Heck it might just end up being this way all the time if it works best for our schedule. Mike (the hubs) is endlessly supportive. He is, as I type this, playing with baby Vienna so I can do this. He is the best! 

What do you think of the backgrounds? More interesting than my grey scanner, no? I thought I could try to match the backgrounds to the contents of the journal a bit. Nothing too fancy, but it could be fun. 

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