Sunday, May 5, 2013

Baby Stuff

My life is kinda all baby all the time, so don't be surprised if most of my comics revolve around it, kay kids. 

This was huge! I cannot say enough good things about my Lactation Consultant, Reggie. She is spectacular. She was able to diagnose my baby's lip tie via text messaging. TEXT MESSAGING! My doctor and my midwife missed it. Heck. My doctor had never even HEARD of a lip tie. No wonder I was struggling to breast feed! This kid was tongue tied and lip tied. I had no chance! 

So I found a pediatric dentist. No one else would work on someone so young (2 months). He actually attends the same church as me. He cut her frenulum under her tongue and her upper lip. It was horrible. I could see steam coming out of her mouth and blood and I had to hold her down. She was sweating and screaming and crying and struggling. I actually held it together. I knew that the pain was temporary and the pay off would be HUGE. The procedure would prevent speech impediments, swallowing issues (solids) and gap teeth. Aaaaaand she would mechanically be able to nurse again. She is a trooper!

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Lisa said...

Ah, the rage-cry--when they they go all manga and the mouth somehow extends beyond the bounds of the face. It'd be hilarious if it weren't so soul-rending.

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