Friday, April 13, 2012 me.....

For the past two weeks, My husband and I have been dealing with bed bugs. It's a nightmare. In the beginning, I was googling like crazy hoping it was mosquitos gone wild, because mosquitos or fleas were something I could deal with. Nope it was bed bugs. I was horrified, then mortified, then infuriated. I'm still angry, but more resigned. I'm so freaking tired. As of this morning, I have 20 new bites, on my face, hands, arms and shoulders. Luckily, Aloe Vera Gel  helps a ton with my welts. It takes away the burning, itching and pain. 

Apparently bed bugs, while socially associated with uncleanliness, have NOTHING to do with being clean or dirty. Bed bugs don't care, because all they do is eat blood. We've already paid for a useless spraying of chemicals. The next step is a $1,500 heat treatment. So, if ya know... I don't post for a while... this is why. 

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