Thursday, April 12, 2012

I love ink, don't you?

I've been enjoying  this Zentangle thing! I originally planned to do one a day..... yeah, that lasted about 3 days. hahahahha! Despite my sporadic doodling, I've racked up quite the little pile of drawings.


Hollie L. Hibbert said...

I love ink, yes I do! I love Ink, how 'bout you!?

these are so great! We've talked about this before but i would love to see a whole wall covered in these things! You could sell prints in different collections and make bucket loads of money! :-)

Minghei said...

These are awesome! I hope you do some comics in this panel to panel style because I would so read it!

Cassie said...

Awee you guys! You know just what to say to make me want to go do a million paintings to show you guys that I can! Thanks a bunch!

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