Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bursting with Ideas!

The Tree one's my favorite....

Do you ever have those sudden bursts of ideas? When several different things come together to make something awesome? That totally happened to me. I was visiting my friend Grayson, who is a wiz at quilting, but totally lost when it come to 3-D sewing. So I was teaching her how to cover a foam cushion. She let me keep the extra foam and I let her keep all the drawings/instructions I made. Then we went to a fabric store called The Stitch Lab and I picked up some funny little monster fabric.

"Don't EAT ME!" and "Help"
When I got home, I sketched up a storm. I used some embroidery techniques that my boss, Valli, taught me for the faces n' stuff. I think the style of the little guys remind me of some doodles my twin sister once did a couple of years ago, that I loved. All these little things came together to make these hilarious little guys. Lots o' fun people, lots o' fun. 
Evil Vampire Bunny!
But it has a fuzz tummy and a fluffy tail.

Its supposed to be a carrot, but
 I think it looks like a pineapple.... :( 

Generic Monster. The first experiment.

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