Tuesday, April 24, 2012

77¢ a Pound

There is nothing like rotting vegetables to spurn me on. This was a quick painting. Rushed would actually be an accurate description of how I painted this thing. The pepper were really starting to go. They were getting wrinkly and black spots were starting to appear. There was a slightly weird smell starting to waft from my art cave. Luckily, I bought the Peppers on the cheap.

I painted this thing in maybe 3  or 4 hours total. The bulk of the time was last night and I added "finishing touches" this morning. Mostly, I'm excited to have another canvas covered because when I use all the ones I have here at home I can go buy more of the square gallery ones. Until I use up all my canvas I can't really justify the purchase. 

I started to do a bowl of onions
(red, white, shallot) and garlic heads,
 but  I had to use some of them for dinner
....so that's what those red lines are. 

The set up.

Ugly underpainting. Just can't get around
that stage...

I noticed the composition was sucking with
 the yellow  pepper almost directly aligned with
the orange one, so I had to move it. to the right
 a little. 
I like to see other people's processes because it reminds me that the art didn't just burst forth like Athena from Zeus's head. I like seeing how other artist work through design problems and stuff like that, so I hope you do too.


A close up shot, so you can see my hurried and
 rushed brush strokes. 

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Mike Grace said...

Cool! Amazing that you can get these done in just a few hours.

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