Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Recycle, Reuse

My darling husband cleans and reuses food jars for other purposes. He took a old jar of sun-dried tomatoes and cleaned it up for our Q-tips. The boxes they come in are awkward and ugly. 

My assignment was to create a cool label for the lid to cover the old food design. We can't decide which one we like better. Can you?

 I shamelessly stole these shapes and designs from milk labels I googled. Typography and graphic design is NOT my strong suit. I did learn what I liked though. Its a good exercise. I think I may try it again.



Anonymous said...

Great site! Which label did you go with in the end, my favorite, was the Clean your ears, Q tips - ear wax is gross. Apart from the gross it was really stylish.

Cassie said...

I did end up with "Earwax is gross" I even painted the tips yellow green! Haha!

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