Monday, October 26, 2015

Trying Out Digital

Painting digitally is not my favorite way to illustrate. With my current skills, it takes me 3-5 times longer to create something to my satisfaction, BUT I can stop easily and quickly. Now, that I have a toddler and a 3 month old, I really-really don't have time to set up and clean up traditional painting. 

This Mermaid is a warm up of sorts. There is another piece I'm working on, but I was struggling with it's complexity(also my anatomy has never been a strong suite) and fighting this digital medium. So I thought I'd work on this old sketch, which is simpler to work on shape, color and style. I have learned I have to have a strong sketch to start with and that I can't just wing it once it's in the computer. I still have a lot left to do on this, but I wanted to share it because I'm excited to create again. 

I have a few short stories with graphic novel formats that I've been too chicken to work on traditionally... also babies. So, I'm thinking maybe I can attempt to do them digitally over the course of the next year or two, fifteen minutes at time in between diaper changes. Crazy? Probably.


Eman Paelmo said...

I've visited your blog from time to time. But this particular post made me look back at how I am loathe to using graphic tablets or coloring thru digital means (I'm not too convinced about my coloring skills, so It's more of a cop-out, ha ha!) Anyway, fancy reading up on some of my own apprehension through your eyes. Don't overthink it, by the way, What you do, what you create, you own. You are a very talented artist.

Cassie said...

@ Eman Paelmo. Thank you! I recommend "stealing" other successful color palettes. I'm still muddling along myself. I see other artists with fabulously unexpected color combos, but they pull it off. I want to get there someday. Thank you for the encouragement.

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