Monday, January 30, 2012


I thought you kids might like to see my process a bit. So I pick out some luscious peppers at my favorite local grocery store. 

I did a quick sketch to solidify my composition. 

 As you can see I don't do a pencil sketch on my canvas. I thin some oil paint with turpenoid and start going at it!

 Mixing oils with a palette knife instead of on your brush keeps it from getting muddy.

Background first, of course....

 ...then a rough underpainting for the peppers.
This is what I call the ugly stage...

Can you see that little brown spot on the yellow pepper? Yeah... the peppers were starting to go bad (literally molding and wrinkling), so I HAD to finish. Rotting fruit creates quite the deadline. I'm pretty pleased with it though.


Amber Massey said...

Great job!!! ahhhhh seeing your painting makes me want to do some still lifes now!! :D

Cassie said...

You should! Do it for fun, I'm finding that they only take about 5-10 hours tops.

Alissa Empey said...

It looks great Cassie. I thought same thing as Amber when I saw all the photos of your studio it made me think that I should get out some actual paint. Hey I don't know if you know that I have a blog or not, but I would love it if you would give me some feedback on a painting I am working on. My blog address is It is fun to see you on facebook and pinterest and your blog... I feel like I know you better now then when I saw you at school all the time. The internet is cool that way.

Mike Grace said...

Wow! This is cool! Love that you shared photos of some of your process. It's great to see how it progresses since I usually only get to see the end result. You're also getting pretty good with that camera. Keep it up and and can't wait to see what you do next! : )

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