Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Journal Entry

I've been perusing some sweet webcomics and I got inspired by one in particular. Its http://www.shazzbaa.com/. This illustrator journals her day through illustration. I thought I'd do the same in my physical book journal. With my new handy-dandy scanner, I thought I'd share a page with you.
This depicts our Thanksgiving adventures. This was our first Thanksgiving alone. It took a lot of planning and work, but lots of fun!


Mike Grace said...

That is just too cool! I love you and hope to see more of these. : )

Ben May said...

That's awesome! Love the comic and style. Reminds me that I need to work on mine some more. And isn't brined turkey great? We did one this year, tough didn't it wasn't as eventful as yours.

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