Monday, December 6, 2010

Couldn't Sleep?

When I have down time at work, I occasionally check out web comics. There's some really great stuff out there! Anyway. This one was inspired by one of them... the name of which escapes me right now. Anywho. Its a Work in Progress, but I felt I ought to show ya'll to prove I'm continuing to illustrate.


Hannah said...

I like it! The only thing I would say is maybe make her a little larger in the format. OR! Maybe you could hang a tapestry on the wall to our left, I think that top left corner is what was bothering me. Anywho! It looks great so far!

Hollie L. Hibbert said...

Im glad you're finally going to have time to paint more. It always helps keep me motivated if everyone is posting. I'd like to see you finish this! I agree with Hannah about the format. I'd like to see more environment!

Emily Davis said...

I agree with both of the comments posted so far... of course. Also- I would play around with the lighting. You've set it up to have some really fun, strong lights and darks that I'd love to see more of. Right now your "highlights" from the fire on her face seem like they're actually darker than her skin tone. Try starting darker than you would like on her skin tone and giving it some strong, hot highlights.... It's great to see your posts, Cassie! Keep it up!

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