Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Digital Painting.

Sooo..... yeah. I'm trying to do people. Are you all completely shocked???? I am. I look at other peoples art all day. Some bad some good. I feel like I can hardly criticize when I'm not even trying myself! So here is an attempt at a person. I'd love color help. Critiques welcome!


Amber Massey said...

I hope in the near future to be able to paint and draw on my computer, so can you tell me what programs and devices you're using right now?? :)

That way I can start shoppin' around

Hannah said...

Ahhh! I love it! do more of this! I would just suggest using a different brush perhaps, or switching up the brushes at times. It looks a bit too scratchy. I like the rough effect, but It's a bit much. I really like her face, it looks painterly but not scratchy. I want to see more like this!!

Hollie L. Hibbert said...

you are the funniest lady on the planet! you can do awesome characters!!!! I don't know why you are so scared of them. This is way fun! i agree with hannah about the brushes, but please do more of this!

Emily Davis said...

Beautiful, Cassie! That top piece almost feels like a finish, to me. And I'm with Hollie and Hannah: More!!

Mike Grace said...

I like it too! You rock!!!

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