Saturday, October 16, 2010

Late Night Work

I did a doodle of squash in Relief Society Meeting (Class at church for just the ladies, for those of you who aren't Mormon). It came in handy for this Poster I threw together. It supposed to be just a reminder, and not particularly informative. Its not the best work of my career, but I'm happy enough with it at 1:30 am to call it good. Yay for deadlines!

Ps to my illustrator friends. I got a job at an art gallery and I'm still drawing. I'll post my traditional stuff.......eventually. I really need a scanner.....


Amber Massey said...

I love sketchiness, therefore, I love this :)

Emily Davis said...

congrats on the gallery job! how exciting! and the looseness is fun from you! nice, playful, simple poster. :)

T.Brown said...

Trajan Pro Classy choice

Cassie said...

Thanks guys! I tried doing my own color scheme, and it kept coming off as puke-y. Finally I googled some pictures and borrowed the colors.

Trevor-Thanks! I'm trying to pick legible Types. I hate it when I have to work hard to read a Poster or sign.

As things calm down some more, I hope to do more
digital stuff.

Quirky Bobbins said...

I really like this Gus Gus. I bet the RS girls are totally stoked that they have someone as talented as you are to do their PR work. :)

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