Monday, May 18, 2009

Swamp Ranch

This is the line drawing I did for Huntsman's Creative Perspective Class. I pulled an all nighter for it and got sick, but it was totally worth it. I feel like its a solid drawing.

This is the Value Study... in Phototshop. Are you shocked? I am too. But this is me working outside my comfort zone so I can grow. Anyway.... I'm just starting to work on the color studies(they aren't ready to post yet), but Holly's been egging me on about posting this. I'm glad she did, or this might not be up. I love my Octocranes!!!


Audrey El Fry said...

Cas! You over achiever! I love you! Your art is so amazing! I really like your environments and characters a ton!

Amber Massey said...

Awesomeness as always!! :)

emily camille said...

i must admit i never saw the creatures in the back! don't know how i missed that one!
well done!

adam taylor said...

This is such a fun idea and drawing! Good work!

Hollie L. Hibbert said...

you are one of my heros! its so RAD!

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