Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Waffles and Cards

Technology is so nice. I really appreciate being able to talk to Mike via text, phone and video chat. Sometimes its just nice to see his face. Despite having plenty of projects to keep me busy, I'm essentially a social person. I like a lot of human interaction. I'm lucky to have sisters and friends I can call as well, to keep me company. Mike is my very best-est friend, though. He's such a good sport too. He very willingly participated in my craft night. I'm such a lucky gal. 


CitizenWill said...

I love comics and graphic novels! Please please please keep doing strips. I love the clean lines and the touch of whimsy you use to capture you and Mike in graphic form.

Say It In Color said...

I just found you through a friend who sent me to Vali and Kim? blog with fabric....then I saw your other blog and love your strip!!! I am a sewer and an artist....I will tell you that you will love these little strips years later as will your children!!! I am now 66 years old and in moving to our new smaller place after 42 years....I have come across lots of writings and drawings and the grand children loved them!!!! Now they are wanting their own drawing tablets and pencils....so I bought them (and continue) the blank 9x12ish notebook at WalMart and pencils and am getting them some watercolor pencils.....SO your purpose in these may not show up until later....right now just stay on the journey....congrats on the baby and God's Blessings to you and your family! I hacve bookmarked you to find more strips!!

Cassie said...

Thank you both! A little encouragement goes a long way. I've got two more penciled out, but not inked. I'm officially 9 months pregnant today.... so not loads of energy, but I'll get there. Thanks again!


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