Friday, July 1, 2011

Date Night Adventures

I dressed up for a sweet date with Mike at a local Japanese Steakhouse. We only did sushi, but that was plenty to fill us up. Mike also ordered a bunch of uncooked slabs of fish. Well... that included Tako. Which is a slice of uncooked octopus tentacle. Needless to say.... It didn't quite tickle the palate. My darling sweetheart captured the experience all on video....


Sam Curren said...

I love this one! I wish I could afford to hire you to follow me around and document my life in cartoon form.

Bella Ruse said...

I love your drawings! They have such personality.

Cassie said...

Thanks guys. SAM- I would be willing to do a couple of fun stories for you. I did some for my nieces and it was a blast.
Miss Bella- thank you. I have a lot of fun!

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