Monday, July 6, 2009

Unsuspecting Birds

So it's darker and there are birds to help tell the story better. I'm happier with it, but not completely. I'd love a critique!


emily camille said...

There isn't much contrast... I kind of lose the story in the clouds. But at the same time there is a fine line to walk to make it still look like it is night time. I like it better too, though. :)

sharo said...

Wow! Like I said, it looks amazing. And if you've come this far with it, you can take it even further. :)

adam taylor said...

Hey Cassie! I think I might have just found a job you might like.
Check it out. I don't know much about it, but it is a storyboarding/comic type job and I thought you might be interested

Amber Massey said...

Nice concept. I have to agree with Emily that there isn't much contrast. I know it's suppose to be dark, it being sunset and all, but it's too dark. You loose a lot of the detail. Maybe throw in some distinct highlights here and there, casted by the Angler's glowing thing...(I don't know the scientific term haha...) Great job though.

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