Sunday, October 5, 2008


I feel like mermaids tend to be over done. Don't get me wrong... I enjoy drawing a mermaid every now and agian, but I felt like a crabmaid would be interesting. I had a good time researching different kinds of crabs and crustaceans. I did this in ballpoint pen, much to the chagrin of my illustration teacher. I think I'd like to paint it or maybe do a inkwell version with a nifty background.


Cas and Mike Family said...

I love your crabmaid! Does she ever get "craby"? Is she married, have a lover, or is she single? Where does she like to eat out? What does she do on the weekends? Is she a student at a prestigious college, a local waitress, or a mom? So many questions, so little time. :-)

Amber said...

I like this idea -- I've seen various others where they've taken other species of sea creates (lionfish, eel, sea horse, etc) and done the same. you should make a series of these characters.

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